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Funtasticolor is a simple scripting environment for working with F#-interactive. It allows you to program F# and send your code directly to F#-Interactive.

Funtasticolor 2 Beta adds the following features:
- editor improvements (undo/redo, zoom function, clear output-function)
- a collection of the recent documents
- drag and drop, command-line-arguments (for opening files)
- upload
- improved Fsi.exe-process-handling

Funtasticolor 2

The project makes use of the following libraries:
- WPF Ribbon library
- AvalonEdit (the code editor from Sharpdevelop 4.0)

Therefore it can provide some additional features:
- syntax highlighting
- Ribbon UI
- more flexible UI

Funtasticolor is a fork of Funtastic which was created by kshcodeplex.

Here is a screenshot from the current stable release:

Funtasticolor 1

Have fun and press Alt + Enter!

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